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Furniture Liquidation

Liquidation When planning an office or commercial move, there will inevitably be furniture or equipment that you no longer want or need. Whether you are in Brooklyn, Manhattan or anywhere else, removing these items is not as simple as throwing them on the curb. There are strict laws pertaining to recycling, electronic waste and hazardous materials. In New York City, The Department of Sanitation will not pick up items that are too bulky or heavy.

For items that cannot be easily disposed of, Signature Relocations offers our furniture liquidation services. We will pick up your unwanted furniture or equipment and, with your consent, resell or donate it. This saves you the burden of disposing the items yourselves—not to mention the fact that it helps the environment.

The benefits of a Signature’s Furniture Liquidation Services are clear:

  • Liquidate office furniture quickly
  • Saving Money on Your Move
  • Professional Move Planning
  • Protect the Environment
  • Reduction in Burden of Unwanted Furniture

Save yourself the aggravation of liquidating heavy furniture by contacting Signature Relocations today.

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