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Our Commitment to Earth

Our Commitment to Earth Protecting our environment is one of the key issues of our day. We at Signature Relocations go out of our way to prevent wasteful disposal of materials and items. Signature Relocation ensures that every possible step is taken to keep all of our client’s furniture, technology and electronics from ending up in a landfill.

  • Furniture Liquidation: Unlike conventional disposal where the furniture ends up in a landfill, furniture liquidation ensures that the majority of your office furniture is reused. We assess the furniture before removal begins, then decide which option will be the most financially and environmentally beneficial option for you.
  • Wholesaler: We work with a nationwide network of wholesalers who will pick up directly from the site.
  • Retail: What we can’t sell immediately off the premises can be removed by us and sold to a retailer. The retailer takes it from there and will refurbish the furniture to be sold in their retail store.
  • Storage: We offer offsite storage for items that you may not have a need for now, but that you think may have a use for a tenant or your organization in the future.
  • Swing Space: Should you determine that furniture that is being decommissioned can be utilized for yourself or potential tenants, we can do the knockdown and reconfiguration to fit any space you may have.
  • Donations: If the furniture cannot be sold, we can work with you to have the items sent to your favorite charitable organization nationally or internationally.

When you choose Signature Relocations for your move, you are not just saving money. You are becoming a partner with a company committed to ethical business practices and environmental friendliness.

Signature Relocations is good for your company and good for the earth.

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